Secondary Smorgasborg 6-12: Out of the Deep Freeze

Welcome to another installment of the Secondary Smorgasbord linky party! This is my favorite theme thus far (and VERY appropriate for the February weather we are currently experiencing). It's -30°C, and with the windchill, it has gotten to -45°C (for my American friends, that's approximately -22°F). Yes, I had to Google the conversion! Now that you know that I am literally experiencing the DEEP FREEZE in my neck of the woods, let's get down to business.
This month's collaborative theme is Out of the Deep Freeze and is about "a product that doesn't get the attention you'd like it to get and should get because, darn it, it's really good!" The project I chose to feature is something I worked REALLY hard on and update regularly! It's one of the best assignments I have created and not because I think so, but because my students tell me how much they learned! You read that right (they actually enjoy it). Hard to imagine high school students enjoying something that they have to put some effort into, right?
Would you believe it's a Monthly Budget Project?? Yep, they love it! Who would have guessed. This project reinforces practical money skills, and teaches the budgeting process in a fun and engaging way. Students will learn the differences between "need" and "want" items, and will experience what it's like to live on their own! Plus, they get to have a roommate, so the 'ol excitement of finding a partner in the class gets them extra excited.
So, what's it all about? Students get to (a) Find a place to live (b) Learn just how much groceries really do cost - their initial guesses are quite humorous! (c) Pay bills - forget online banking, they learn to write out checks! (d) Learn the costs of buying, renting, or leasing a vehicle...just to name a few!

If you want to give your students an opportunity to learn what it's like to live on their own, then give this a try! I am always open to suggestions and changes (as I am always updating this product, so feedback is welcomed!)
Thanks again to ELA Buffet and Desktop Learning Adventures for the link up opportunity! Make sure to peruse the other products posted by the other secondary sellers - you don't want to miss out on an awesome resource that has not been given the praise that it deserves!!
Stay warm, folks!


  1. Wow- you really are in the deep freeze! This is awesome! And it doesn't surprise me at all. Students love pretending they're all grown up. What a fun activity!
    Desktop Learning Adventures

  2. I find they love doing assignments that they see as relevant to their lives. They always wish we did more. Great assignment!

  3. Monthly Budget Project looks like a wonderful resource! And it's editable? That's a double bonus for teachers!
    Stay warm :)

  4. It is WAY TOO COLD up there for me! But I LOVE your Monthly Budget Project and all it covers. Our students need to learn this lesson so much!

    Michele Luck
    A Lesson Plan for Teachers

  5. What a terrific idea. My son- a former teacher- and I have often discussed the need to teach life's basics. This activity does that in a very engaging way.

    Happy Teaching,

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