The Classroom Sparrow Looks Ahead

Is is really June already? I don't know about you, but this year FLEW by! Saying that, we also know that this often the time of year when teachers are given their schedules for next year. If you were lucky enough to get your teaching schedule, and are satisfied with your courses, then a shout out to you!

If you did not get your timetable yet, do not fear! Regardless of the subject or grade, all teachers require some sort of getting to know their students activity for the first few days of a new year. A bunch of secondary ELA teachers got together for this awesome blog hop in hopes that our ideas and products can help you to survive the first few days back - because before we know it, whether we want to imagine that idea during the last few weeks in June, a new school year will be upon us!

One of the activities that I created for my incoming students is a Words of Wisdom letter writing activity. I use this with my grade 9 students, but I think it could easily be applied to upper elementary and middle years students as well. So, what's it all about?

  • Using the outline provided within the Words of Wisdom activity, have your current students provide some 'words of wisdom' to the incoming students taking the same subject next year. 
  • The outline provides the students with an idea of what to write, but it's really all about giving the incoming students an idea as to what they can expect.
  • To make this activity even more special, I took a photo of each student on their first day of school and again towards the end of the year (both were pasted onto the letter). Two letters were printed - one for the current student to keep in their final portfolio, and the other was posted on the wall for the incoming students to read during the first few weeks of the new year.
                                            This is how I displayed the letters!

...until then, however, enjoy your well-deserved SUMMER BREAK!