5 Ways English Teachers Can Incorporate Career Education into a Curriculum

I know what you're thinking. You're stumped for ideas on how you can incorporate Career Education material into your English Language Arts curriculum. When I was given the task to teach Career Education courses for grades 9-12, I was hesitant and unsure of where to look for resources or how to go about planning. Through my personal experience and research, I have discovered that it is not only EASY to incorporate Career Education into an ELA classroom, but it's also never too early to start either. 


10 Ways to Improve Your Class Climate With Simple Rewards and Incentives

Some people think that high school students are too old for incentives and rewards. After teaching high school English for the last 10 years, I can attest to the fact that it's just not true! They love it just as much as any other grade level - believe it or not!

Motivation is the main reason for the incentive. Different from the need in elementary, but nonetheless, you're dealing with emotional teens and making them happy is helpful to any teacher.

Here are a few things high school students can either be rewarded for or rewarded with:

1. Stickers: I don't believe it truly matters what type of sticker you give a student. They seem to ALWAYS make my students smile. They love to compare their stickers with their friends. Who knew?


Using Interactive Notebooks and Games to Teach Essential English Language Arts Skills

Learn Important English Language Arts Skills Using Interactive Games

Learning ELA skills is essential to any language arts curriculum. It is how we are taught to read and write properly. Learning these skills, however, is not always exciting for students. Whether at the elementary, middle or high school level, students may find this area of their English class to be dry, dull and plain old uninteresting. The solution? Games! Students respond well to competition and interactive activities. They love playing against each other and winning. Below are five types of games your students can play, at all grade levels, where they're both learning ELA material and having FUN!