6 Alternatives to Traditional Testing

traditional testing alternatives
While testing is traditionally the most widely used final assessment method, there are a variety of other alternatives a teacher could use to measure comprehension at the end of a unit. While marking tests can be tedious, summative assessments are important to not only a students learning, but your teaching as well.
traditional testing alternatives
My students needed a break from traditional testing. I was willing to give them a break, but I still wanted them to review the elements of a unit in a way that I could still measure their personal comprehension. That's when I came up with this Board Game Project. It's a fun twist on the traditional test.

This board game project allows students to reflect on what they learned, while at the same time, presenting the information in a really fun and creative way. Everything that was covered in a unit is fair game and can be incorporated in one way or another. Even the smallest details of a unit are important to this project.The project can also be done individually, in pairs, or even in small groups. There a lot of flexibility within this project, that's what makes it a great alternative.

Here are some other testing alternatives:

• Final paper
• Poster
• Portfolio
• Fact sheets
• Open book tests
• Chapter/series quizzes
These kinds of activities are especially useful if you have students that suffer from test anxiety. Giving them an option to show what they know with another type of project can build their confidence and allow them to demonstrate their knowledge in a less-stressful manner.

If you look like this when you see a stack of tests that need to be marked, or your students look like this when they hear the word T-E-S-T, then take a break from the traditional testing and try something new! You and your students deserve it!

What assessment methods do you use in your class instead of testing? 

Leave a comment below and I will add it to the list!

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