Interactive Notebook Ideas and Inspiration: A Roundup!

interactive notebook ideas and inspiration
Today I wanted to try something new and share a fun roundup post of some of my favorite interactive notebook tips and tricks from other teacher bloggers from around the web. We all have our own methods and sometimes it is good to get a little inspiration and see what other ideas are out there! This post has links to some great articles that cover everything from how to grade interactive notebooks, to how to use digital interactive notebooks!

Miss Klohn's Classroom has a great post about how her students use interactive notebooks. There's a great table of contents page, plus an interactive word wall and some great foldables. These ideas can be customized for any grade level.

Over at All Students Can Shine, Valerie has shared a great post with 10 Interactive Notebook Tips that are all fantastic. Again, this can be customized for any subject or grade level. She has a great introduction on how to get started with interactive notebooks too!

Musings From the Middle has an excellent and very thorough post about how she uses interactive notebooks in middle school for close reading. She explains why she uses these tools in her classroom.

Jackie, from Room 213, shared a great post about using the interactive notebook concepts to create a reader's notebook. She has some great ideas about using the reader's notebook to help secondary students reflect and respond critically to things they read.

For those of you who love to embrace technology, Danielle from Study All Knight has an amazing post about using digital interactive notebooks! I thought these were REALLY cool and I think older students would really benefit from these as well. Fluency in technology is crucial and this is a great way to get students comfortable with computers.

And of course, I wrote a post detailing how interactive notebooks aren't just for little kids! Teens can really benefit from using interactive notebooks in middle school and high school too. My students really engage with the interactive aspects and its a great tool all around.

For more inspiring interactive notebook ideas, make sure you check out my Interactive Notebook board on Pinterest. Don't forget to follow me at The Classroom Sparrow while you're there. I curate loads of great resources and ideas for secondary educators!

How do your students use interactive notebooks

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