Don't Be a Cotton-Headed Ninny Muggins!

Take Buddy's advice and don't be a cotton-headed ninny muggins when it comes to being a good student. Keep your students on track by displaying this helpful classroom management poster. A great reminder to students who are teetering on the edge of being on the naughty list.
For some creative inspiration prior to starting this activity, make yourself a plate of spaghetti, add some chocolate syrup, sprinkle a few M&M's, and crumble up a Pop Tart or two. Now, you're ready to begin!
STEP 1: ORGANIZE YOUR SUPPLIES While I have created a poster that could be displayed on a classroom door, you can also use the same steps to create mini Buddy's. That might be a fun activity for younger students (using their faces instead of Buddy's). You'll need the following items to complete your poster: green, yellow, white, and black construction paper, glue, scissors, a large poster paper, and a printed picture of Buddy's face.
STEP 2: CUT YOUR SHAPES When cutting out the upper body, position the paper horizontally. That will give you the proper width for the jacket. For a touch of creativity, cut out collar and cuffs by adding a jagged edge. They will appear ruffled with this cut, but you can also cut them using a straight line which also looks just fine!
STEP 3: PUT IT ALL TOGETHER Once your 'big' Buddy is glued down, you can decorate around his image by using a fun saying, your classroom rules, or perhaps some general management tips.
If you like the idea, but are not interested in a poster for your classroom, why not create a 'Buddy' for a bulletin board to add some decor to your classroom?!
I will conclude with some words of wisdom from Buddy....


  1. Hi! I just found you through the "Super Secondary" list! I am glad I did because I teach middle school ELA and am happy to connect with other upper grades teachers! :)

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

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