Trick-or-Treat! Halloween Resources for the Classroom

Halloween is just around the corner. As a high school teacher, I still enjoy incorporating holiday-themed activities and projects into my classes. Whether you're a grade 1 or grade 12 student, they all love holiday themed school work (although the 'big kids' might not like to admit it). I still put stickers on their work...and if they don't get one and their friend does, I hear about it. So, I will continue to use holiday projects and activities, and stickers and stamps on their work because we all like a little holiday cheer when we do something great!

Two holiday-themed activities that I both created and use with my students are a Halloween-themed career project and a Halloween news article writing activity. Both activities allow students to complete course requirements in a creative and engaging manner.

As I was perusing Pinterest, I found a few really cool bulletin board ideas. While the books that surround the zombie are more appropriate for older students, it's a great library display for any age (just change the books so it's age appropriate).

Looking for short story ideas?

• The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

• The Tell-Tale Heart

• The Fall of the House of Usher

• The Monkey's Paw

• The Landlady

Looking for book ideas?

• World War Z by Max Brooks

• Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry

• The Reapers Are the Angels by Alden Bell

• The Walking Dead series by Robert Kirkman

• Feed by Mira Grant



  1. Lots of great resources Shey! I still love to put stickers on kids work too! I think you are NEVER too old for a cute sticker! Thanks for sharing.

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